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The International Shari’ah Research Academy for Islamic Finance, or ISRA, has been established to promote applied research in the area of Shari’ah and Islamic finance. It also acts as a repository of knowledge for Shari’ah views (fatwas) and undertake studies on contemporary issues in the Islamic financial industry. In Thomson Reuters’ Islamic Finance Development Report 2014, ISRA was named as the “top contributor of research dedicated to Islamic finance”.

Moreover, ISRA contributes to strengthening human capital development in Shari’ah expertise relevant to Islamic finance and provides a platform for greater engagement amongst practitioners, scholars, regulators and academicians via research and dialogue, in both the domestic and international arenas. Through pioneering research and rigorous intellectual dialogue, ISRA aims to promote innovation and dynamism and thus extend the boundaries of Islamic finance.

It is envisioned that with greater research and dialogue, mutual respect and recognition will emerge within the global community of the Islamic financial industry. As a part of the International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF), ISRA is able to leverage on its infrastructure and facilities as well as to tap into the knowledge, expertise and resources of its academic faculty and postgraduate students. To provide input and assistance in the strategic direction of ISRA’s research, the Council of Scholars, a group comprised of eminent local and international Shari’ah scholars, has been set up.


The Islamic Fintech Dialogue (IFD) Conference is an event that focuses on the convergence of the Islamic finance industry with the financial technology (fintech) industry. The inaugural IFD 2017 which was attended by more than 300 participants from across the globe including Canada, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, etc. became a trailblazer for dialogues on this  convergence and IFD2019 promises more with enlightening sessions and captivating speakers.

This year, ISRA in collaboration with the Association of Shariah Advisors in Islamic Finance (ASAS), is proud to bring you the 2nd Islamic Fintech Dialogue (IFD2019).

Bigger, better and more informative than before! We are bringing you a line-up of amazing speakers and key experts, an interactive panel session with industry experts and the event’s first ever Islamic Fintech Pitch Competition.

You wouldn’t want to miss it!


The 2nd IFD will place focus on the mechanism and vehicles in place to support Islamic fintech development and create opportunities within the following areas:

Islamic financial industry in fintech/ digital transformation – What is the understanding within institutions toward new technology development?

Regulatory – Do existing regulations encourage institutions to engage in Fintech?

Shari’ah Compliance – What Shari’ah mechanisms are in place to ensure that the technology is Shari’ah compliant?

Industry Exposure – How is the Islamic finance industry engaging and adapting to emerging fintech initiatives?

Islamic  Fintech – Technology companies discuss industry development in the fintech industry and their engagement with IFI’s based on:

blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence, smart
contracts, while merging them with Islamic concepts, and

Technology Risk Management.

Entrepreneurship and Talent Development
Mechanisms in place to aid the understanding and development of start-ups and entrepreneurs, such as:



Executive Educational Initiatives – Education institutions display their current involvement with Islamic finance and Fintech, factoring in:

How the initiatives contribute to solving issues in the Islamic financial industry.
How the initiatives are encouraging and inspiring their staff and students towards engaging in Islamic Fintech.

The Objectives
  • To raise awareness on rapid growth of fintech as a dominant disruptive element in the financial industry
  • To explore how Islamic financial institutions (IFIs) can play a major role in the fintech industry
  • Understanding the Shari’ah perspective of Fintech
  • To highlight Shari’ah compliant fintech initatives
  • To recognize the role of higher learning institutions in creating awareness of Islamic fintech
  • To encourage entrepreneurship
  • To enable empowerment programmes

IFD2019 will include keynote speakers who are highly respected experts in Shari’ah and Fintech and are influential in their respective professions. They will provide a broad perspective on the future integration of Shari’ah and Fintech. The event will also feature an interactive panel session of industry experts. New and innovative fintech initiatives are also expected to be showcased in our first-ever Islamic Fintech Pitch Competition.

Islamic Fintech Pitch Competition

IFD2019 will be introducing a unique and exciting session, the Islamic Fintech Pitch Competition, which aims to create a platform for the industry to share their progressive ideas and innovative solutions in the field of Islamic fintech. This is the event’s first ever pitch with up to RM30,000 cash to be won.

Contestants from all around the world are encouraged and invited to participate in the competition. Upon submission, the proposal will then go through a selection process where the final selected contestants will have the benefit of presenting their initiative to a panel of judges and the audience in the final round during IFD2019.


Islamic Fintech Pitch Competition (IFPC) will be a unique and exciting session which aims to create a platform for universities to share their progressive ideas and innovative solutions in the field of Islamic fintech.

The objective of the IFPC is to showcase on the new and innovative Islamic fintech initiatives or research conducted by faculty members, researchers, and students from the academic world.

This will provide a platform where selected contestants will pitch to judges and the audience their ideas and innovations, where then winners will be awarded.



IFD2019 will take place on 19th and 20th February 2019 at the prestigious venue of Sasana Kijang, Kuala Lumpur. It is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur with easy access and parking facilities. This centre provides the best platform and opportunity for learning, networking and engaging in discourse on Islamic fintech for our event.

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